To savvy consumers, what you say about your own brand is often meaningless. What matters is what they hear about you from the influential voices they admire and trust. And if what they are hearing is good, they’ll start talking about you too.

At Pead PR, we’ve long understood the power these voices have, so we will often work to involve important influencers and bloggers as a meaningful part of your brand comms. With the right people singing your praises, an Influencer strategy can create a halo effect that will motivate your audience into action.

Modern consumers can spot an inauthentic piece of content a mile off. The key is to recognise that,  for integrity, bloggers and influencers need to be engaged with campaigns and brands that authentically reflect their values.

Pead PR work with our influencer network in a way that delivers integrity of comment, great content and a measurable return on any investment our clients make.

We don’t have a shopping list for ‘purchasing’ ad hoc status updates or reviews. But we do invest time into our network to create experiences, content and information. We also work closely with content creators on paid collaborations that deliver real value.