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Steffen Rusten

Steffen Rusten

Head of Digital and Social

Steffen is a multi-talented business professional with a diverse background. After beginnings in the finance world as a Credit Analyst at GE Capital, he took his dedication to data-backed decision making to the marketing world.

This decision has resulted in a journey that’s taken him from established corporates to scrappy startups. He developed new digital and social marketing techniques at the New Zealand Racing Board, taking them into new user experiences that returned revenue well above targets. Then, Uber came knocking and Steffen took a step into the unknown to launch the company’s Wellington operations, taking them from 0 drivers and 0 riders, to a point where they reached more than 10,000 trips per month.

Steffen adds another dimension to Pead’s digital and social offerings. He never forgets his foundations in a data driven world, and we suspect he has “In God we trust. All others, bring data” tattooed on his chest.

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