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Rachel Everitt

Rachael Everitt

Senior Account Director

Senior Account Director Rachael’s skill lies in creating and implementing creative campaigns that make impact and are truly integrated. Rachael is a skilled PR practitioner and storyteller known for her ability to turn a good idea into a bloody brilliant one.

Having worked with a range of businesses from the UK’s top retailers to tech and entertainment TV channels, Rachael has ten years’ experience in consumer PR. She cut her teeth specialising in media relations, quickly evolving her skillset to deliver a breadth of campaigns from whacky stunts to making craft food and drink producers famous.  

After Brexiting the UK three years ago, Rachael found a home for herself at Pead and heads up some of our key consumer accounts across the agency as well as spearheading projects. She works with the likes of Uber and Uber Eats, Nespresso, Heart of the City, Graham Norton wines, Sarah Jessica Parker wines and NZ Lighter wines to name a few.

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