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IPREX appoints new Asia Pacific President

Media Release

Global communications platform IPREX is pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Munnik from New Zealand, as its new Asia-Pacific Regional President.

As managing director of one of New Zealand’s largest and most reputable agencies, Pead PR, Munnik is well-placed to represent IPREX in the Asia Pacific Region.

IPREX is the world’s leading network of independent communications agencies, which finds resources from around the world to deliver successful responses to communication challenges.

Munnik’s 16 years’ experience includes extensive work in the technology sector in New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa, including Practice Lead Technology at Hill+Knowlton South Africa. Having worked with many multinationals across numerous markets, she understands the nuances of thinking globally but acting locally.

“I’m thrilled to be taking on this role and look forward to advancing our members’ interests across Asia Pacific,” Munnik said.

“I look forward to keeping our many Asia Pacific partners connected, sharing new business and best practice, and ensuring we continue to grow as a platform of professionals who are committed to effective communication on behalf of our hundreds of clients.”

“At Pead PR we know the value of being an active part of IPREX, having already represented a number of our global partners’ clients in New Zealand, helping them navigate our unique corporate, political and media landscape.”

Munnik takes a seat on IPREX’s Global Board, joining Caroline Heywood (Ireland), Natalie Best (USA), Harri Kammonen (Finland), Julie Exner (USA), and Global President Andrei Mylroie (USA).

Mr Mylroie said Munnik was the standout candidate for the Asia Pacific role, being already well-respected by IPREX partners there and throughout the world.

“Sarah not only brings ample intelligence and enthusiasm but also a strong business head and a dedication to best practice in the communications sphere, and I know I speak for the whole Global Board and all our partners in welcoming her to the role,” Mylroie said.


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