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Category: Industry Comment

A surgeons mask lying on a wooden table

I’ve spent most of my professional life helping clients out of a crisis. The in-house joke at Pead is “Deborah […]

Image of Bauer logo shaped into a heart and on top of all Bauer Media labels

There was some big news in the media landscape last week. New Zealand’s biggest magazine and lifestyle media outlet Bauer […]

A.I. gets smarter every day. It beats our chess masters, our GO champions, and even our doctors. In some cases, […]

Pead Senior Leadership Team

Public relations is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. We’re in a digital world and Aotearoa’s media landscape is evolving rapidly to […]

Image of Excitable Edgar the dragon and his best friend, a redhead girl as part of John Lewis Christmas Commercial.

I love Christmas. From Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ to festive flavoured food treats, the seasonal holiday gives […]

Image of Nadia Lim with My Food Bag box, central to the no comment topic.

Call me old school but there was a time in our industry when “No comment” was not OK. At worst, […]

Yellow fire hydrant symbolising the workplace topic

Many people spend their entire careers working hard, developing skills and getting promoted because they are good at their jobs… […]

It’s been a busy month at Pead – we’ve wrangled 300+ media for New Zealand Fashion Week, added BMW and […]

If you haven’t seen The Great Hack on Netflix yet then clear your calendar. It’s 2 hours and 19 minutes of discomfort. The documentary takes us through the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It unpacks how algorithms and data mining have used our data to manipulate and distort information.

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