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VNZMA 2018


Celebrating Kiwi recorded artists

There are few events on the New Zealand entertainment calendar as significant as the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards (VNZMA’s). Ask any current or former Pead employee about an agency highlight and they will probably have a great story from the red carpet or media room at the music awards. We have been a proud partner for close to 20 years, not only promoting the event but amplifying the evolution of recorded Kiwi music.

This year saw some significant changes to the event that ensured the music and the artists were front and centre above all else. Sharing this wairua (spirit) of the event was at the core of the campaign and with good storytelling, we were able to celebrate Kiwi talent before, during and after the event.

Bespoke awards designed by Kiwi artist Dick Frizzell and the inaugural Music Teacher of the Year Tui were new initiatives supported by Pead in 2018. Not only was this an intrinsic way of putting the focus on our grassroots talent and the prestige behind every Tui, but it supported media activities which resulted in close to 200 pieces of coverage (and more than 40 king hits). Our storytelling efforts for Legacy Award winners, Upper Hutt Posse, also educated New Zealanders on the significant contribution that these New Zealand hip hop pioneers made to our social and music scenes over the past three decades.

Careful targeting is nothing new in PR, so our in-house social media team focussed on delivering the right content and the right music to the right people. We achieved wall to wall social media coverage that reached eyeballs, earned a considerable 10% engagement rate and leveraged the diversity of our music industry.

Our legacy with this event, together with our ability to be agile and creative, contributed to the success of the campaign. 

From working with a new events company to implementing a redesigned red carpet, every member of the Pead team was on the ground to expertly manage media and social activity. Our integrated approach communicated what the event stood for to media and consumers alike. We are proud to have played a part in making sure this significant event was more than a show, but an opportunity to connect New Zealanders with our thriving music industry.


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