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PUMA Suede 50th Birthday Celebration


50 Years of Suede

Honouring an icon is one thing. But how do you ensure something that’s been around for 50 years remains coveted? With a multi-touchpoint campaign that not only celebrates 50 years of great style but creates an impressive digital footprint.

To honour the 50th birthday of the PUMA Suede shoe, we worked with Sniffers to curate an event fit for an icon. With live performances from Matthew Young, Teeks & The Katayanagi Twins – the experience was a high-energy extension of PUMA’s youthful spirit. A room jam-packed with well-connected icons including Stan Walker and Jamie Curry; we carefully curated the guest list to make sure Auckland’s best were there on the night.

Teaming up with Sniffers to share memorable digital content, we dispersed PUMA Suede imagery through national channels, securing top tier media and leaving our digital footprint long after the night had come to an end. We seeded out Suedes to some of New Zealand’s best influencers. Locking down hundreds of thousands of eyes on social, PUMA suede would have been impossible to miss.

Our campaign generated PUMA NZ online growth and sales. We set the bar high for our next PUMA event; and cemented ourselves on the social calendar.

We created a Suede sensation in Auckland and had people all over the country mentioning #PUMANZ online and connecting to our movement. We gave the shoes its true status, cementing the concept that the best sneakers in life never go out of style.


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