Helping people rediscover Dunedin

The challenge set for Pead PR, was to create an impactful influencer campaign which would increase visitors to Dunedin. Priorities included driving awareness of the area and the festivals and events that took place including iD Fashion Week and The Cadbury Chocolate Carnival. Driving sage of #DunnerStunner was also a key focus point.

We approached this campaign by using influencers Samuel Levi & Tessa Stockdale, Makaia Carr and Carmen Huter to drive awareness to the area. Each were provided with personalised itineraries based on their interest and audiences – and through engaging content and credible influence we drove the campaign.

This campaign generated strong social media engagement through interesting and targeted content. The campaign generated a ROI of 10:1. Social media played a significant role here with a reach of over 1,300,000 and total engagement (likes, comments and shares) of 112,749.