Nespresso Master Origins Degustation Dinner.

To consider all coffees as identical is like thinking the same of red and white wine. To educate consumers on how origins and processing techniques create the unique and nuanced flavours within coffee, Nespresso launched the Master Origin range of coffees from five of the world's coffee growing regions - Columbia, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua and Ethiopia.

To launch the range, we teamed up with renowned chef Josh Emett to create an immersive and memorable experience for coffee afficionados. The charming Nespresso Ambassador, Mitch Monaghan, spoke to diners as they were transported to the five origin countries with each course of Josh's culinary journey.
This was not just a degustation but a sensorial, gastronomic experience. 

To add wow-factor and fully immerse diners, we used projection mapping and lighting matched to each Master Origin coffee. Continuing the theatre before and after the event, we also teamed up with NZ Herald's Viva. Generating bespoke content to tell the Master Origin story, the partnership created interest and prompted action with customers.

The event enabled Nespresso to speak directly with an engaged audience of consumers and media. Event attendees further amplified the Nespresso brand story, collectively reaching an audience of 349,472 through their own social media actvities on the night. Keeping the origin stories at the centre of the campaign enured a consistent message across multiple consumer touchpoints including traditional media, social, influencer activity and the event itself. This campaign successfully supported sales efforts for the new range and also contributed to brand success measures. We achieved our target of 28% for "offering superior coffee quality amongst all coffee drinks"

We look forward to bringing more coffee collections to life this year.