An almost-nationwide success story, My Food Bag hadn’t made it to Invercargill. So keen local foodie Adam Love took to Facebook to apply some friendly pressure on the service. With a growing social media movement, we saw an opportunity to launch My Food Bag to a receptive audience.

The lunch event for local foodies, media personalities and influencers was hosted by co-founder Nadia Lim. Local luminaries were treated to a dining experience filled with great stories, personal touches, and the opportunity to try My Food Bag.

Coverage of the story - and of our special creation, the My Food Bag Southern Cheese Roll - spread nationwide.

Through a smart response to consumer demand, we laid the perfect table for My Food Bag. 

Pead has been a trusted advisor to My Food Bag from the start. The team are smart, highly engaged and enormous fun to work with. They operate more like an internal team and fight for the best interests of our customers and company every step of the way. Most of all, you simply can’t argue with their results! 

James Ravioli Robinson

Founder & Group Co-CEO, My Food Bag