In late 2015, Maybelline New York adopted the brand line Make It Happen – a new mantra that said no to maybe and yes to the power of feminine beauty. 

This evolution of messaging speaks to a broad range of women—particularly millennials—in a way that reflects the way they live, think and operate in today’s rapidly changing world.

When Maybelline announced this new brand mantra Make It Happen, we knew we wanted to do something big to bring it to life here in New Zealand. The Maybelline Make IT Happen campaign was born.

Celebrating Kiwis who were already making it happen, the campaign was also about empowering those who were on their way to achieving their dreams.

Partnering with Miss FQ, Maybelline launched the campaign as a hunt for five young people who were as bold as their lippy and had the drive to make success happen – whatever that looked like for them.

The five girls selected were provided with top mentors in their industries and exclusive ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences. They got career tips and goalsetting advice, as well as fantastic new Maybelline products. 

This initiative fully captured the spirit of Maybelline and successfully generated genuine brand love within the consumer market.

The Make It Happen campaign achieved recognition from Maybelline worldwide, the L’Oréal global family and was the awarded both the Pead PR Campaign of the Year for 2016 and Best Ad Campaign at the Bauer Best in Beauty Awards in 2017.