L’Oréal Beauty Night Out 2015 was held to celebrate the launch of several new cosmetic, skincare and haircare product ranges as well as to introduce top tier beauty media to the new Makeup Genius app.

Pead PR invited 12 top tier Auckland-based beauty media to stay the evening at the luxurious SkyCity Grand hotel. 

During the day, each guest had been treated to a hair and makeup appointment using new L’Oréal Paris cosmetics and Hair Expertise products. This was also an opportunity for face-to-face time between media and L’Oréal Paris NZ Makeup Director Lisa Matson.

In the evening, we held a product presentation followed by dinner at The Grill restaurant in the hotel’s lobby, where the L’Oréal Paris marketing managers could strengthen their relationship with key beauty media in an informal setting.

The evening presentation included the announcement of the new relationship between L’Oréal Paris Men Expert and Dai Henwood via an embedded personalised video. Later, guests were encouraged to retire to their rooms to relax, trial the products and trial the Makeup Genius application on an iPad pre-loaded with the application.

The 2015 L’Oréal Paris Beauty Night Out was a huge success. With a single event, the next three months of product launches were shared with media in an effective and intimate manner, and the event featured heavily on the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts of key media who attended the event and media who received press kits.