As part its promotion for new shows in December, Pead PR was briefed by Lightbox to help raise awareness for the latest season of the hit historical drama, Vikings. With talent from the show unavailable for interviews, Pead PR was tasked with producing a creative campaign to get media talking about Vikings.

We came up with the idea of partnering with Ancestry DNA and a select group of radio presenters to find out ‘how Viking they are’. In December, we went to The Rock Morning Rumble, Hauraki Afternoons and The Edge Night show and had each of the presenters take DNA saliva tests which we then sent off to the US for analysis.

When the results came back in February, the presenters each had on air reveals to find out about their ancestry and whether they had any Viking relations. They spoke to a DNA expert in the US who was able to break down their results and explain their ancestral lineage. The results proved that there are in fact Vikings among us here in NZ.

The campaign proved to be a huge success. NZ radio hosts discussed their ancestral background and whether they were related to the Scandinavian warriors seen on Lightbox’s Vikings, resulting in great show mentions and coverage.