Launching a world first in smartphone Artificial Intelligence

Pead PR were tasked with launching Huawei’s latest device, the Mate 10 Series to the New Zealand market in November 2017. A world first in smartphone technology, the Mate 10 Series offers Artificial Intelligence functionality that assists with photography, offers real-time object recognition and learns your preferences as you use the device – a smartphone that is ideal for business use.

Ahead of the official NZ launch, review devices were distributed to key technology media to build excitement. A journalist from Stuff was sent to exclusively cover the global launch in Munich mid-November.

Inspired by the limited edition Mate 10 Porsche Design device, it was decided to hold the launch event at the Porsche showroom in Newmarket with MC Dominic Bowden and Huawei New Zealand General Manager Gavin Cheng driving into the venue in a new Porsche 911 C2S.

Pead staged the event to emphasise the AI technology, theming the venue with a futuristic feel. Six holoblades and a fogscreen were used to showcase the phone’s new features. The team created content for both elements, putting together imagery that clearly demonstrated the theme as well as the device’s features and created opportunity for guests to share the event on social media.

During the event, Dominic Bowden hosted a Facebook Live event, where more than $3,000 worth of prizes were given away to fans. The Facebook Live video of the event has been viewed more than 11k times with almost 12k reactions.

Pead engaged young entrepreneur and businessman Jake Millar of Unfiltered to become the ambassador for the Mate 10 Series. Jake helped create video content to screen at the event and on Huawei’s social pages, as well as participating in seven media interviews to promote the device to the NZ market.

The celebrity MC Dominic Bowden teased out the magic and the smart specs of the Mate 10 through a super slick Q&A and show reel session with Huawei general manager Gavin Cheng.

And you know you’ve hit a real tipping point when one of NZ’s favourite songstress’ Anika Moa performs the Huawei brand song in a style that was totally her own and more than a little bit Kiwi.

The event proved to be hugely successful, with over 100 media and influencers attending to hear more about the Huawei Mate 10 series and get their hands on a phone for the first time. Glowing reviews from technology media helped to engage New Zealand customers and contributed to a successful device launch.