The natural weight management solution

Introducing calocurb, the New Zealand sourced and developed weight management supplement billed as the biggest innovation in the market for a decade. A multi-faceted story, calocurb is built on spanning homegrown science, New Zealand sourced ingredients and offers personal empowerment in the age of the on-the-go, calorie rich lifestyle.

Pead PR’s relationship with calocurb started at the product’s inception. From the very early days of venture capital pitching and global licensing agreements, Pead PR started building a consistent brand narrative and global PR plan, working closely alongside digital brand experience partners Little Giant from the outset.

After almost a year in product development, research and strategic planning, Pead PR launched calocurb into the NZ market in early April 2018. The result? Headline stories across primetime TV, national morning radio, print and online press - all supported by a social media influencer and owned content campaign complementing the success of the earned media. Behind the scenes, Pead also activated a community of triallists and influencers – seeding product to enable word-of-mouth buzz, gather real-time authentic product reviews and add to the earned content mix.

The campaign was designed to overcome the scepticism in a market sick of fad pills and yoyo diets by underpinning the natural, science and empowerment pillars that makes calocurb a game changer for sustainable weight control.  

A week after launch and the results have outstripped all targets. With sales numbering in the thousands, fast-growing communities on social media and a website that ranks in the top 1% of global counterparts for traffic – calocurb could not be off to a better start.