Kinect for Xbox 360


Xbox Kinect is a game changer – the first gaming device that makes you the controller and puts you in the game. Our role was to launch Kinect to the New Zealand market with a bang, building on Xbox 360’s position as the number one next-generation console in New Zealand and reaching new audiences – while continuing to embrace the brand’s valued core gamer audience. 


Kinect for Xbox 360 is so revolutionary the only way to truly experience to play! So we developed multi-tiered activity to give media the opportunity to do just this. We kicked off our activity by hosting key TV and print media at E3 2010 in Los Angeles where Kinect was first revealed to the public.

We also offered TVNZ Close Up an exclusive first look when Kinect arrived in New Zealand before showcasing it to more than 80 media at Microsoft’s Open House event in September.

We celebrated the Kinect launch to stores with more than 50 of our favourite media and celebs at a glitzy launch event at Sale Street in November. Pead PR then shared the excitement with wider media with a series of media house visits together with an extensive review and endorser programme.


As impressive as Kinect itself! More than 260 pieces of coverage achieved to date. Highlights include TVNZ, TV3, NZ Herald, The Press, Weekend Herald, the Herald on Sunday, Sunday Star-Times – all leading to Kinect becoming the ultimate must-have entertainment product for Christmas 2010.