Highlighting Kordia’s role in digital TV switchover


Kordia NZ is a telecommunications business that began life in the 1960s as a government department and is now an SOE (State Owned Enterprise). Kordia briefed Pead PR to help showcase its role in the final switchover from analogue TV signals to a fully digital service. Kordia also wanted to highlight its transformation from a broadcast transmission company to a full scale telecommunications provider focused exclusively on the corporate business market.  


Pead PR developed a plan that involved media relations and media hosting at Kordia’s Waiatarua remote transmission tower carrying the final analogue signals – at 2am on a Sunday. To build the story prior to the switchover we hosted several media tours at the transmission tower in hills west of Auckland prior to the final switch-off.

We arranged and hosted an official ‘switch-off’ event for media and other guests at which the Government’s Broadcasting Minister Hon Craig Foss flicked the final switch and brought to an end more than 60 years of analogue television in New Zealand.

Pead PR briefed media under embargo prior to the event and issued the final announcement with images at 2am on the day. We hosted media during the event and secured interviews for Kordia spokespeople on major news channels and in print publications.


Pead PR secured positive media coverage for Kordia and successfully highlighted its role in the final digital switchover and its transformation to a telecommunications business. Our client received coverage on all major TV news broadcasts and in a leading Sunday newspaper as well as on radio.