Dinner Makes Families.

My Food Bag is, at its heart, about creating healthier communities in New Zealand. More than just a company that delivers nutritious, fresh meals to thousands of Kiwis every week, they’re helping bring New Zealanders back to real, delicious home-grown food.

But what was once a daily ritual and the cornerstone of family life, has since become a fleeting moment of the day. Recognising that Kiwi dinner times have changed of late and not for the better, we worked with My Food Bag to conduct a piece of Family Dinners research that spoke to more than 1,000 parents, grandparents, caregivers and children nationwide.

The results confirmed what we suspected. Only 52 percent of adults surveyed are eating at home every night compared with 74 percent a generation ago and when they are at home, a whopping 83 percent are distracted, on devices and social media, or glued to their TV screens.

Most heart-wrenching of all, 79 per cent of Kiwi children wish they ate dinner together more often as a family. 

Ahead of My Food Bag’s Dinner Makes Families campaign, featuring all-new animated hero Russell the Brussels Sprout, we wanted to seed this issue in the minds of New Zealanders. To get them talking about the importance of connecting with their kids, partners and families every day.

To do this, we worked exclusively with Stuff to generate news coverage that highlighted the issue of shifting meal times and the absence of family dinners. Positioning Nadia Lim, My Food Bag co-founder and mother of two, as the authority on families we also created sponsored content in the Sunday Star Times and Sunday Magazine. These columns, written by Nadia, had an authentic voice and enabled the much-loved New Zealand chef to engage her audience on a topic of social importance.

To further drive the conversation, we also worked with Kiwi Singer/songwriter and mum Anika Moa. Anika was able to seed the conversation via social media and give credibility to the campaign and importance of family meal times, sharing imagery of her and her children having fun preparing and enjoying meals together.

Putting the importance of dinner on the national agenda lay the foundations for My Food Bag’s new campaign and helped its message resonate.

A social time, a treasured time – dinner time is about more than just food and quite rightly so. My Food Bag’s purpose has always been about supporting healthy communities and Dinner Makes Families is an important step towards achieving this.