Launching Ceres Organics New Quinoa Home Compost Package

Pead PR worked with Ceres Organics to launch its new home compostable package for its Certified Organic white quinoa. Inspired by the provenance of quinoa, Pead PR created a Peruvian themed pop-up restaurant.

Open to consumers, the event was held at Pilkington’s restaurant in Auckland with a media preview held the previous evening. The following week, the pop-up reopened its doors at Kadett in Christchurch. Both consumers events were a sell-out, following quality coverage in the media prior to the tickets being released.

As part of the event, we worked with Nadia Lim who tapped into the fashionable food of Peru with a seven-dish menu that was all about sharing, tasting plates and experimenting with new flavours. Each dish featured quinoa, the star ingredient, showcasing the versatility of this nutritious seed.

Interiors by Auckland based artist and illustrator Evie Kemp created a colourful, vibrant atmosphere and guests were transported to the foothills of the Andes as they embarked on a culinary tour of Peru.

The event was a success, with excellent feedback received from both media and consumers.

Success to Ceres was coverage including the company’s EcoSocial certification (unique to Ceres Organics quinoa) or its new compostable packaging. 85% of coverage generated by Pead PR delivered these messages.