October 2012


Wellington blogger Keith Ng is now officially a legend by becoming the first journalist to twice win the glory and liquor of New Zealand’s most coveted media award.

The Legendary Ng won the Alcohol Sponsorship Press Award (ASP) in April, and has won it again today for his amazing scoop about private and sensitive information made freely available to any bastard with a USB stick.

He will receive two bottles of wine from the award-winning Grower’s Mark range as his prize.

Metro hack and awards convenor Steve Braunias said The Legendary Ng emerged as this week’s winner the second the story appeared on Public Address.

“No one else was likely to come up with anything as good as that, and no one did. That’s not a slur on the rest of the media; it’s all credit to The Legendary Ng.

“The Legendary Ng also played fair by alerting the government department to its security problem, and by deleting all and any private and sensitive information.

“According to the National Business Review, The Legendary Ng earned more than $5,000 for his story in donations from readers. Are we witnessing the future of journalism?

“We don’t know. But we do know that The Legendary Ng deserves a drink. Salut!”

Braunias said the next three paragraphs would be a cut and paste job about the awards history.

The ASPs, established in November 2011, are held in association with Grower’s Mark, and are announced every Friday on the Twitter account @SteveBraunias. There are usually about five finalists, and the winner is awarded two bottles of wine – as such, the ASP credo is, “We don’t take the piss. We give it.”

The award recognises excellence and strangeness in New Zealand media, including social media, blogs and things like that. The judging panel comprises a seasoned media professional in each of the four main centres, as well as Christchurch and Dunedin.

Previous winners include Daniel Whitfield, Louise Boyder, Adam Dudding and The Legendary Ng

Anyhow, this week’s finalists – who don’t receive so much as a drop of liquor, but who are all to be commended and congratulated – are as follows.





  • Jehan Casinader (Close Up), for the week’s best story about race relations, “Rowing Row”. Judges commented, “This is a really first-class piece of journalism - and not untypical of the quality of stories that appear on Close Up.” They added, “Plus that footage of the old bastard riding his bike and swearing is incredible.”


  • New Zealand photographer Amos Chapple is pretty much a genius. He’s also a successful genius, with amazing photos in the Guardian, and Italian Vanity Fair


  • Alex Veysey Memorial Prize winner Lucy Townend. Judges said, “Legend!”