Stars in our eyes

January 2014


A few lucky Peadies on the food team got the chance to dine with some stars from the Michelin stratosphere this week.

Michelin-starred German chefs Kevin Fehling, Karlheinz Hauser, Wolfgang Becker and Volker Drkosch are in the country to check out farm-raised venison here with Pead PR client Deer Industry New Zealand.

They’re keen to get to know the local food scene and the chefs behind it so we arranged a get-together with a select group of Kiwi culinary stars - Sean Connolly, Des Harris, Sid Sahrawat and Nic Watt.

The special lunch was hosted by Nic Watt at Masu restaurant and of course farm-raised New Zealand venison took pride and place on the menu. Nic’s team served up venison tataki with cherries and squid ink brioche.

In true Masu style, a veritable feast ensued matched with Japanese sake and beer and a good drop of top-notch New Zealand vino too.

As any foodie will tell you, dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant is an experience in itself. But to share a table with four Michelin-starred chefs is another story.

The conversation flowed and it was great to see chefs from opposite sides of the world meet for the first time and talk food as if they were long-lost friends.

It’s a true honour for the New Zealand food industry to host chefs of such calibre. It’s also important for the industry to hear and understand what’s required to sate the appetites of diners in Germany. After all, it’s our biggest farm-raised venison market.

We also think it’s great branding for New Zealand to have our meat featured on the plates of Michelin restaurants around the world.

And for the lucky Peadies who shared a table with these international culinary stars at Masu, well the honour was all ours.