Meet The Peadies: Introducing Sydney-Anne Martin

December 2017


Here at Pead, we’re always looking forward. Looking forward to new challenges; looking forward to new developments; looking forward to Friday. Being in an industry as fast-paced as communications, we need to constantly be asking how we can add value to everything we do.
One of the biggest moves for Pead in 2017 was the development of our content team, which brings photography, video production and social media content in-house giving greater access to high quality and fast turnaround content for our clients.
Meet Sydney. She’s one of our content producer types here who brings brand ideas to life in digital content.

Q1) How did you come to work as one of the inaugural content creators at Pead?

I was planning on moving back to Europe as my degree came to a close however, when I launched my final university project, a film about my childhood in foster care, I started getting noticed a little. My story was featured on television and from there L’Oreal (corporate partner of Foster Care NZ) sponsored it. Pead PR is L’Oreal NZ’s PR agency and so through the film I was put in touch with them. They invited me in for a meeting which I assumed was because they also wanted to sponsor my film. Imagine my surprise (and sheer horror) when they asked me what my favourite PR campaign was. Admittedly, I didn’t know the first thing about PR, so that’s been really interesting and fun to learn about. Once I switched on to the fact that I’d been offered a job after a small time of doing freelance jobs for Pead, I decided that I’d be the craziest person in the world to turn down this opportunity. Europe will always be there. My chance to make it in this industry might not.

Q2) What do you think 2018 holds for content and the role it plays for brands?

I’m so pumped for Content 2018! I think that we’re going to push our limits and venture out into new and exciting projects. There is some crazy talent on the Content Team and I know that with a little push from us, and help from the team at Pead PR, we can change campaigns from good to GREAT. Content is EVERYTHING for brands these days, it’s vital to any social presence and it engages viewers. I’m excited for my team to take things to the next level and to really hit the ground running. There’s already some amazing projects in the works!

Q3) What’s your favourite experience at Pead so far?

There have been so many good times, but I think the moment that really stands out for me was when I was at a low point. I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job, and was really insecure about my work but Deborah gave me words of advice that I’ll never forget. She told me that a little fear is good for you. That fear would push me to do a better job, but I had to make sure that I wasn’t getting too overwhelmed with that fear. Now, months later, if I’m struggling, I think back to that conversation and I know that it’s helped to boost my confidence. It’s my favourite memory simply because in that moment Deborah wasn’t my boss, she was being a mentor, and that’s how I’ve viewed her since. (Disclaimer: She’s still the boss).

Q4) Who’s someone that inspires you every day?

Someone who inspires me on a personal level is actress Mariska Hargitay. She’s always doing so much for victims of domestic violence and her community, and seeing those kinds of posts on my Instagram feed each morning always pushes me and encourages me to try and treat people with love and compassion each day. It’s a really good reminder for me that no matter how tough life can get, you can always choose to be kind. On a more local level, my colleague Jacqui inspires me. I watch her being kind and positive while also working her butt off, and that’s something that I would love for people to be able to say about me one day. I love that there are so many positive role models around me at work.

Q5) What’s something we don’t know about you?

I’m a pretty open book but something that a lot of people don’t know about it me is I was a TOTAL skater kid growing up. I was always skating around my small town (listening to Green Day and Blink 182 on my iPod shuffle), either on a long board, standard skateboard, or my favourite, a penny board. My love for skating combined with my love for the water one summer and I got pretty good at surfing. I even have my own short board that is called ‘Predator’. I don’t get much time for boarding anymore, especially after one evening of over thinking shark populations, but it’s something I love doing and have even started to dabble in Snowboarding (that’s A LOT different to land boarding).

Another thing that most people don’t know about me is that I used to compete in gymnastics. I hold 0.5% of the skills still, but I do still train twice a week (I’m awful). Back when I was still in school though, I was pretty good. I got to level 10 because I started at age 4 and didn’t stop until I was 14. Luckily there are 0 photos of me in a leotard.