Food, snow and PR pros

March 2014


Peadie Casey Angland contiunues her blog from the Big Apple

Funnily enough the only Kiwi (myself) and Aussie (the lovely Jemma Lee from Liquid Ideas) at the IPREX Conference ended up sharing a few wines together. Of course, we decided to continue the theme in New York – no one else seemed to be able to tell the difference between us so it was only natural to join forces.

Jemma arrived a day after me and together with another of her Aussie companions we took to exploring together. First on our agenda was lunch at the renowned Spotted Pig– rather fittingly a British themed pub with fantastic burgers, the likes you could only find in America.

Full of food and a few beverages and with the winter still a novelty to us (it’s summer in our part of the world after all) we decided to brave the cold and venture to Central Park for a spot of ice skating. As fate would have it this is where we met Frankie Legs – a very New York bike tour guide, he even had business cards – and it went a little something like this:

Us: “Excuse me, could you please tell us how to get to the Central Park ice rink?”

Frankie: “I’m not gonna lie to you guys, it’s gonna take you like an hour, hour and half to walk there – but I tell you what, I can take you on my bike – we can go on a tour of the park and it’s gonna take you 20min – only $10 each”.

We then spent about 20 min in the bike carriage of Frankie Legs as he played his favourite Trap Music tunes and puffed his way to the ice rink. At one point we were passed by walkers.

The ice rink ended up being closed so we headed to the Rockefeller Center instead. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching kids and adults who have little to no coordination attempting to ice skate for the first time. I am sure we will be damned for it but we spent the most of our time watching and laughing at the amount of people falling down.

The days and nights tend to merge together in the city that never sleeps and before we knew it we found ourselves belting out Piano Man at a karaoke bar in Korea Town. Don’t worry, we ended the night in a much classier fashion at the quaint Broadway karaoke bar Marie’s Crisis – if you love show tunes, this is the place to be: Les Miserables, Wicked, Lion King; you name it (and tip) and they will play it.

After a day like that, I had high expectations for day three.

To kick things off we met with Matt Makovsky of Makovsky Integrated Communications. Let me set the scene – in the heart of Manhattan on the 16th floor overlooking the concrete jungle that is New York we walked into a pristine office with projected news casts of the latest financial and business news from around the world.

Lining the walls were accolades and awards – you couldn’t help but feel in awe of their obvious standing in the NY communications community, and rightfully so as the President Ken Makovsky just happens to be the founder of IPREX.

Matt, his son, at just 30 years old has built an incredible reputation and skill set; a testament to this – he’s currently in the midst of launching his own marketing and business focused agency alongside his role at Makovsky.

Meeting with Matt and seeing the inner workings of his agency – it perfectly illustrated the reach and diversity of the IPREX community. Not only were we able to talk shop and better understand the differences in the agencies strengths – which helps define our best point of contact for support within IPREX – we were also able to connect on a personal level, again only building our global connections.

Matt was even kind enough to make a reservation for us at the famous Tao restaurant in Down Town NY. I can honestly say, after taking in the incredibly ambience of the restaurant and sampling their sublime menu, we will be eternally grateful to him for organising us a table. From the Salmon Tartare to start to the hilarious fortune cookie to end, it was perfection (according to my fortune I was going to find myself dancing naked that night… rest assured I did not).

After a whirlwind couple of days in the big city it was already the eve of my last day here – from the amazing restaurants to the incredible shows (Lion King – wow) it’s fair to say I wasn’t ready to leave. And with one day to go there were still more people to meet and big city lessons to learn…

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.