16 top tips on how to be a successful social influencer

November 2016


The age of influencer marketing is well and truly upon us and clients are now making social influencers part of their marketing mix.

As audiences move increasingly toward accessing content on mobile devices, the smart brands will be the ones investing in unique and engaging content.

When the brand fit is right, influencer campaigns can make a put a completely new spin on a brand or campaign message and creative a meaningful connection with consumers.

But whilst paid partnerships are now becoming more commonplace, there are still many brands treading cautiously in this area. There is still some doubt from the more traditional marketers over the ROI of an influencer campaign, and a lack of understanding amongst the influencer community of the real value of these partnerships to the brand.

There are now more and more demands on client budgets, so the most successful influencers will be those that take the time to understand the needs to the brand they are seeking to work with.

Here are a 16 top tips from the Pead PR team on how to become a successful social influencer:

1.            Be authentic and know what you stand for. We’re happy to be told you don’t want to work with a particular brand, it tells us you’re genuine and will only support things you believe in

2.            Find your point of difference – the number of bloggers is growing every day. Do your research, follow your passions and make your mark

3.            Think great content before cash – brands want to work with bloggers and influencers who have a loyal following. You only get that by prioritising the quality of your content

4.            Good visuals are key. A shot of the press kit that just arrived is not going to deliver much value. Showing effort here will make those brands seek you out for paid collaborations.

5.            Establish long term relationships with brands you love. A genuine and sustained relationship with a brand will have far more value than lots of one-off collaborations. 

6.            Send us ideas! You don’t need to wait to be asked– if you have a cool idea that you think our client will go for, pitch it to us.

7.            Ensure you have regular and consistent content across a variety of social platforms.

8.            Know your numbers. The best social influencers/ bloggers have comprehensive media kits and can easily show a client the return on investment they can deliver. You will need to know where your audience is (eg, are 20% of your readers outside NZ?), your average engagement rates and reach.

9.            Request a good brief. If you know what the brand is looking to get out of the collaboration, the chances are you’re more likely to get a successful outcome

10.          Tell the brand how their product or activation worked for your blog and readers – if both parties don’t benefit from the partnership it is pointless for everyone involved

11.          Be fair – you don’t have to give everything we send you a glowing review, honesty is great, but be fair and factual in your comments

12.          Understand we don’t have budget for each and every project. In NZ, influencer marketing is still in its infancy so understand that there isn’t always budget for paid collaborations.

13.          Be aware of the rules. Publishers have to follow a strict set of guidelines – you could get yourself into trouble if you are making claims that cannot be substantiated.

14.          Do what you say you will do – trust is key

15.          The blogger community is small – make sure you stay friendly with the competition

16.          Build genuine relationships with those you work with – that will make them more likely to consider you for collaborations

Becky Erwood.