We build brands through the power of PR. When you want to talk to the people who care about your brand, from shoppers to shareholders, you really should talk to us first.

We focus on five core sectors at Pead PR: beauty and wellness, food and drink, fashion and lifestyle, technology and entertainment and corporate PR. We’ve built our reputation on effective and innovative public relations ideas, and we know how to get people believing in your brand. 

How? Through PR’s ability to tell the stories behind brands. We work hard on engaging people much more deeply with a brand’s stories. We’re committed to our role as brand champions and deliver real results for our local and multinational clients. And we know that story is at the centre of everything. Wherever you want it heard, whoever is telling it, we can help shape your story through informed PR, credible influencers, smart media choices and well-crafted content. 

Effective PR is all about connections and great storytelling. When Deborah Pead started Pead PR from her dining table in 2001, she had already accumulated a wealth of both. In the years since, she has successfully grown our team, our client base and our reputation for quality work. 

We’re proud to say we are now widely recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading PR companies. And from our Auckland office, we can reach the world. Pead PR is a member of the IPREX Group of independent PR consultancies, connected to 67 partners in 115 offices worldwide.