Revitalise your soul in the Coromandel

Pead PR were tasked with helping target family travelers, adventure seekers and foodie to visit the Coromandel in the quieter month. The aim was to showcase this incredible part of NZ and drive holiday home bookings and the hashtag #Goodforyoursoul.  We did this by sending four well-known influencers to the region.

Influencers included Art Green & Matilda Rice, Emma Galloway and her family, Carmen Huter and Vanessa Rehm and family. They were each presented an indivualised itinerary and visited for a weekend, sharing their experience on their blogs and social channels.

This campaign generated strong social media engagement through interesting and targeted content. This campaign generated a ROI of 8:1. Social media played a significant role here with a reach of over 1,500,000 and total engagement (likes, comments and shares) of 35,850.