About Pead PR

Pead PR is an Auckland-based public relations and strategic communications consultancy focusing on innovative brand building and corporate PR. Our team comprises more than 25 qualified practitioners immersed in the consumer, trade and business worlds.

We operate across five main categories – fashion & beauty, food & hospitality, lifestyle & retail, information technology & entertainment and corporate PR.

We are known for developing effective and innovative solutions that deliver results for our clients.

Our clients include well known NZ and multinational brands.

We operate from custom designed offices in Mt Eden, Auckland. We are also a member of the IPREX Group of independent PR consultancies with global reach via 77 partners in 120 offices world-wide.

Pead PR is proud to have built some of NZ’s most noticed brands from the ground up. That’s why we have thrown our weight behind the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation which helps leading entrepreneurs grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and connections to experts.


New cleansing water cleans out shelves


People have called it Micellar mania. Garnier’s new miraculous Micellar Water has disappeared from shop shelves at an amazing rate.

Released to an expectant Kiwi market in March of this…

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New face to revamp viaduct hotspot

Showcase Hospitality's Lenin Bar is set for a revamp under new general manager for the group's nightlife venues, Shane McDonagh, story Pead PR Showcase Hospitality's new general manager for the group's nightlife venues, Shane McDonagh, story Pead PR

Viaduct venue Lenin is set for a revamp later this year – but Auckland party-goers can be assured it will retain its reputation as a nightlife hotspot.

The remodel, rename and refocus for…

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Craftsman glass blower shows how it’s done


Peadies Olivia Price (left) and Samantha McKenna get to grips with the delicate art of glass blowing at the Avondale (Auckland) studio of Luke Jacomb.

Master of glass Luke is both a glass…

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