About Pead PR

Pead PR is an Auckland-based public relations and strategic communications consultancy focusing on innovative brand building PR. Our team comprises more than 25 qualified practitioners immersed in the consumer, trade and business worlds.

We operate across five main categories – fashion & beauty, food & hospitality, lifestyle & retail, information technology & entertainment and corporate PR.

We are known for developing effective and innovative solutions that deliver results for our clients.

Our clients include well known NZ and multinational brands.

We operate from custom designed offices in Mt Eden, Auckland. We are also a member of the IPREX Group of independent PR consultancies with global reach via 74 partners in 113 offices world-wide.


Cooks Global Foods moves to acquire Esquires master franchisee in China

Cooks Global Foods chairman Keith Jackson (seated right) completes the signing of the provisional agreement for the company to acquire all the shares in Esquires China, the master franchisee for the People's Republic, Pead PR

Pead PR client Cooks Global Foods (NZX:CGF) has signed conditional agreements to acquire all of the shares of Esquires China, the company’s master franchise for Esquires Coffee Houses in the…

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Stylists set Farmers’ scene for spring

http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Studio_web.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Lucy_Slight_and_Anna_Caselberg_web.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Farmers_clothes_web.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Farmers_autumn_winter_launch_10_sml_web.jpg

Auckland's 30 top fashion media gathered at the well-known fashion photography studio Thievery in mid-September for a preview of Farmers new season fashion brands.

To showcase the latest…

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Boatshed launch for Garnier’s Ambre Solaire

http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091438.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_1109142.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091411.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091419.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091477.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091464.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091469.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091473.JPG http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/LOW_RES_GARNIER_11091410.JPG

One of Auckland's iconic Orakei boatsheds was the venue for the spring launch in September for Garnier's Ambre Solaire range - a suncare brand since 1936 and the #1 suncare brand in France and…

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