About Pead PR

Pead PR is an Auckland-based public relations and strategic communications consultancy focusing on innovative brand building and corporate PR. Our team comprises more than 25 qualified practitioners immersed in the consumer, trade and business worlds.

We operate across five main categories – fashion & beauty, food & hospitality, lifestyle & retail, information technology & entertainment and corporate PR.

We are known for developing effective and innovative solutions that deliver results for our clients.

Our clients include well known NZ and multinational brands.

We operate from custom designed offices in Mt Eden, Auckland. We are also a member of the IPREX Group of independent PR consultancies with global reach via 77 partners in 120 offices world-wide.

Pead PR is proud to have built some of NZ’s most noticed brands from the ground up. That’s why we have thrown our weight behind the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation which helps leading entrepreneurs grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and connections to experts.


Helping kids to learn about wellbeing

http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Beetroot.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Cauliflower.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Lettuce.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Terraces_web.jpg

Some of our Pead PR people recently attended an open day organised by Garden To Table at Flat Bush Primary School in South Auckland.

Check out the images of the beautiful vegetables the…

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Stone Edge Farm Larry Nadeau is a keynote speaker at The Restaurant Association of NZ Summit in September, story Pead PR Huxtable Daniel Wilson is a keynote speaker at The Restaurant Association of NZ Summit in September, story Pead PR

Auckland conference attracts international keynote speakers

It’s commonly accepted that members of the hospitality industry are past masters at celebrating their profession. However, this…

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Restaurant ‘takeaways’ fit for fine dining

http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Peter_at_the_wheel.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Glazing_a_plate.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Plates_and_bowls.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Stacks.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Ben_plating_a_meatball.jpg http://peadpr.co.nz/files/logos/Meatballs_cutlery.jpg

As Kiwis continue to embrace a strong seasonal food culture, there’s a growing focus not only on what’s on the plate itself, but also how the meal is presented.

And increasingly…

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